Le Manoir Art is an institution for the realization of art and cultural projects with a focus on artistic film production. The project was initiated by the ambitious dermatologist Dr. med. Peter Kessler and the art historian Katharina Arimont. 

It all began on a film set...

At a film set in Luxembourg Dr. med. Peter Kessler meets a French actress. She inspired him to create his own skin care line and to found Le Manoir Crememanufaktur (Le Manoir cream manufactory).


Dr. Kessler's visit to the film set remains a lasting memory. It is the creative ambience that fascinates him, the medium of film as a form of art that, as an indispensable force for social commitment, can have a big impact on the world. He commissioned the curator Katharina Arimont to set up a company art section. 

Le Manoir Art is created.​

What exactly does Le Manoir Art do? 

Le Manoir Art supports young filmmakers* in the realization of films and realizes exhibition projects in cooperation with renowned museums and (cultural) institutions.


Le Manoir Art also collaborates with creative people of all kinds on corporate philosophical and artistic campaigns.


Initiator of Le Manoir Art / Curatorial Direction


Katharina studied art history and philosophy at the Universities of Heidelberg/Lyon as well as musicology at the École du Louvre Paris. She works as a Freelance Concepter, Consultant, Curator - katharinaarimont.de. 



Patron of Le Manoir Art