The Artsy Part

Katharina Arimont, Chih-Chien Wang und Aleksandra Cieslewicz



During an advertising shoot for Le Manoir Crememanufaktur, additional photos were taken that float between the borders of art and commerce.


Awaking Dolls 


The Face as a Piece of Art 

During breaks and light tests, freely taken photographs were produced by Chih-Chien Wang and Aleksandra Cieślewicz, which can be curatorially divided into inspiring series and raise thoughts on topics like the "face", "anonymity" and "intimacy": "Don't look at me" and "Am I human?

"Don't Look at Me"

"Am I Human?"

Curated by Katharina Arimont 

Assistance: Laura Wolf

Make-up Artist: Maria Boman

Photo- & Videographer: Chih-Chien Wang und Aleksandra Cieślewicz

Photo- Video editing: Aleksandra Cieślewicz