Artist duo REVEL - Azel and Sofian


REBIRTH, a film by REVEL (Azel le Bris und Sofian Pelloquin) initiated and supported by Le Manoir Art.

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Today more than ever, the world revolves around luxury and beauty. But what does luxury really mean? We are constantly confronted with this term and the image of “beauty“ is often equated with luxurious appearances. We can travel all continents, fly with a private helicopter to the most remote places and surround ourselves with the most expensive objects. In a time of abundance and consumption, “the crazier, more expensive and exclusive, the better” applies. But what kind of luxury are we looking for when we want to be happy? 

In their new film REBIRTH, the creative duo Azel Le Bris and Sofian Pelloquin address exactly this question.

Scroll down for a small interview trailer:

And some more photos from the film:

The young art director Pauline lives a life full of luxury, but within it she feels caught like a fish in a bowl... 

when she becomes fully aware of her situation, she undergoes a change, does some soul-searching… In the film this metaphor is visualized through great water shots. Coiled like a baby in the womb, Pauline brings herself back to the original state of human life...

...floating freely.

Will Pauline drop her mask?

How will her journey of REBIRTH progress?


The whole film will be released in early 2020. Where? We will let you know. Stay curious! 

About the artists:

Azel Le Bris and Sofian Pelloquin are a creative duo called REVEL. The two Paris-based artists with degrees in photography, fashion and film devote themselves to creative cross-over concepts that use different media to reveal hidden realities. Their name, so to speak, says it all- in French "reveler qc", means "to bring something to light, to uncover something".  


With REBIRTH they realize their first longer short film. After their success with two mini films for the Nikon Film Festival, they have further discovered their passion for film, developed their skills autodidactically and complement each others ideas. Azel is the art director of the team, she takes care of the concepts, the castings, the teams, the design, writing and moderating. Sofian takes care of the technical implementation, photography, videos, sound, montage and graphics. 

REVEL is - as they say about themselves - "love, art and two revealing creative souls, a vision, a community". 


Reveal yourselve!

Instagram: @as.revel

Le Manoir supported a large part of the film financially; the other part is financed by a crowd funding campaign. 

The premiere of the film would have been on 20 March 2020 at the Cinéma Gobelins in Paris. It had to be postponed indefinitely because of Corona.